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Peregrinos por AsturiasThe Original Route is considered to be the first pilgrimage route which connects Oviedo with Santiago de Compostela. This route is also known as Primitive Way or Way of the North. Its origin dates back to the IX century when King Alfonso II of Asturias made a journey of pilgrimage, this is the first reference of the Route of Santiago de Compostela (St. James’s Way). When King Alfonso II knew that the body of Santiago Apostle was found, he made this route to see it for himself. That is the reason why, centuries later, lots of pilgrims that go to Santiago de Compostela through the Northern Way, leave the Cantabrian Coast to visit Oviedo. There are also pilgrims that walk the plateau and get off the way because it is well known that if you go to Santiago and not to the Saviour (Oviedo Cathedral), you visit the servant (the Apostle) but not the Lord (Christ).

This Original Route has achieved great prestige in the last years, as it has a moderate difficulty, beautiful breathtaking landscapes and not a great influx of walkers.

From Oviedo, pilgrims can go to the West through the Primitive Way (joins the French Way in the Galician village Melide) or to Avilés where the Northern Way starts.

Both Ways have been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, on 5th July 2015.

At Hotel Carreño we take special care of pilgrims. After a hard day’s walk, they need to rest and relax. Hotel Carreño collaborates in the project “Pilgrims in Asturias, from Hotel to Hotel”.