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Distance from Hotel: 1 km (12 minutes’ walk)

Gascona, the Cider Boulevard, is the cider street of reference with 13 cider bars that offer different activities for customers and visitors to enjoy everything that Asturias has to offer: our culture and tradition around the cider, our gastronomy and our way of life. You are welcome!

Gascona street is located in the heart of Oviedo and it is one of the most traditionally remarkable places. The “gascones”, was the name given to the French pilgrims, who settled their business there. Nowadays it still keeps that European concept of meeting point, in this case around one of the most appreciated things by Asturian people: tasty food, lot of cider and good treatment and quality service. That is why Gascona has become a place with history, tradition, gastronomy, living culture and… good cider among nice people.


C/ Monte Gamonal 4, Oviedo

Phone: 985.11.86.22

Fax: 985.11.82.65